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House MD Icon bases!
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Welcome to house_bases the best House MD icon base community on LJ.

House_bases is ran by i_am_the_hbp you can see her graphics at imbrokenicons.

Rules of taking bases
(x) If you take a base please credit. People take time to make these bases so it is best to at least let people know of their hard work.
(x) Credit either the person who made the bases or the community house_bases
(x) It is best to comment on the entry that you are taking bases from so the maker knows, comments can mean a lot to someone :)
(x) Dont hotlink bases from the makers. Hotlinking is stealing really, it is using someone else's photobucket/imageshack link instead of uploading to your own server, hotlinking uses peoples bandwith, if there is no more bandwith the picture dissapears, so the pretty picture you had in your user info no longer exisits.
(x) Dont steal these bases, taking them and making icons is fine, thats the whole point of them but dont take them and pass them out as your own as people can tell and it is stealing.

Rules of posting bases
(x) Posting here is encouraged, please post any bases you can, dont feel shy.
(x) Only post House MD related bases, they can be from the shows, interveiws with the cast, trailers but nothing that has nothing to do with House.
(x) Use LJ cuts to prevent stretching the page, entries that dont use cuts when needed will be deleted.
(x) Dont spam. Spam is just pointless entries that arent relevant to anything being discussed, it is also posting pointless stuff over and over again, so just dont.
(x) Dont post other peoples bases, it is just rude and it is also a copyright infringement which being a graphic artist for a while have learnt needs to be respected.

Current list of affiliates-

If you would like to become an affiliate then leave a message and i'll be happy to affiliate you!